The Challenge of Reading the Bible Today

I will be one of three presenters at a symposium titled “The Challenge of Reading the Bible Today: Can the Bible Be Read Both Critically and Religiously?” on October 25 at the University of Pennsylvania. I will be representing a Protestant view, along with two other scholars who will present a Catholic and Jewish perspective. […]

Genesis, Creation, and Ancient Interpreters

The first post in a series is up this morning at BioLogos: Genesis, Creation, and Ancient Interpreters. We will be looking at how ancient Jewish (and some Christian) interpreters handled the challenges of the creation stories in Genesis.

The Problem with Literalism: Chronicles (3)

My final post on Chronicles and literalism is up today at BioLogos.

The Problem with Literalism: Chronicles (2)

My second post on the always exciting book of Chronicles is up this morning at BioLogos. This week I give two examples of Chronicles’s unique take on Israel’s history: the focus on Judah and the transfer of power from David to Solomon. Hats off to my seminary professor┬áRay Dillard, he of blessed memory.

The Problem with Literalism

I began a new series at BioLogos last week, and the second part is up today.

The Problem with Literalism

This week’s BioLogos post is up. I am beginning a brief series on the problems that arise when a literalistic approach becomes the default drive of interpretation.

The Bible and Critical Scholarship