Protestants and Biblical Criticism

I am trying to finish up edits on a chapter I am writing for a book tentatively titled, The Bible and the Believer: How to Read the Bible Critically and Religiously, due out next year with Oxford University Press.

The idea for the book came out of a symposium I participated in at the University of Pennsylvania last October. I gave a Protestant perspective. A Jewish perspective was given my Marc Brettler (Brandeis) and a Catholic perspective by Dan Harrington (Boston College). We will also have a chance to engage each other briefly in the volume

Here is the outline of my chapter (about 15000 words)

1. What is a Protestant, anyway [I define what I mean by Protestant]

2. The Bible and Biblical Criticism: Three Obstacles for Protestantism [sola Scriptura, the unity of the Christian Bible, the defensive legacy of the nineteenth century]

3. Biblical Criticism and Protestant Faith in Conversation [focus on two issues:  NT use of OT and the problem of history in the OT]

4. One Protestant’s Perspective [a little of my own journey and some observations I have made along the way]

I will post more about this as we get closer to the publication date.