Gunnar, Viking Theologian of the “Hanging God”

One of my favorite authors is Stephen Lawhead. His novels largely center on medieval themes with a tactful Christian undercurrent. Lawhead weaves together religious and secular themes in a way that forces one to look at the Christian faith outside of familiar language and trappings. His novel Byzantium is set in medieval Ireland and recounts the journeys of a […]

Announcing Eyes to See and Ears to Hear: Essays in Memory of J. Alan Groves

I am very proud to announce the release of Eyes to See and Ears to Hear: Essays in Memory of J. Alan Groves. I, along with my former colleagues Doug Green and Mike Kelly, worked for three years bringing these essays together, and we are thrilled to be able to honor Al’s memory in this […]

Rachel Evans’s “Evolving in Monkey Town”

Rachel Evans thinks doubt is a part of faith. In fact she thinks doubt can save your faith–provided you have the faith to doubt and the courage to learn from it what God may be showing you. I agree with Rachel, and I wish I could say it as well as she does in her […]

Another Zondervan Video: The Future of Biblical Studies

Here’s another video from my interview with Zondervan Academic:

Harvie Conn: Contemporary Contextualization Follows the NT Hermeneutical Pattern

We now suggest that eschatology, oriented toward the central significance of the coming of Christ in the history of redemption, provides us with more than a static theological formulation. It has deep and dynamic implications for the methodological significance of contextualization. It reminds us, to quote Vos, that “we ourselves live just as much in […]

Harvie Conn on the interplay between Biblical Theology, Christ, the Already/Not Yet, Humility, and Contextualization

Biblical theology reminds us of the Christ-centered heart of the Scripture, of its history as the history of redemption. Theologizing, as the application of that redemptive history, then becomes eschatological in a deeper sense than we usually think. it is an eschatology defined not only with reference to the second coming of Christ but inclusive […]

Harvie Conn on the Dynamic Character of Revealed Truth

Biblical theology’s focus on revelation as a historical activity underlines the dynamic, rather than static, character of revealed truth. John Murray speaks of the “tendency to abstraction” on the part of systematic theology, the tendency to historicize, to arrive at “timeless” formulations in the sense of topically oriented universals. This danger becomes even more real […]

Harvie Conn and Reformed Theology

As I look back on my student years at Westminster Theological Seminary (1985-89), especially as the years pass, I am beginning to count it more and more of a privilege to have been at Westminster and under Harvie Conn’s influence. Truth be told, I left Westminster for Harvard more or less focused on learning as […]

Genesis and Evangelicals: Summary of Lecture at Messiah College

I realize I have not posted for a while. I’ve been busy watching the Yankees limp to the end of the season and their Stadium to non-existence. It’s been a rough summer. I left off in the middle of a series of posts on responses to some general criticisms of I&I. I will continue that […]

Radio Times Interview

On August 13, 2008, I was interviewed by Marty Moss-Coane on her program Radio Times, heard on WHYY in Philadelphia. This show is consistently voted as the best interview show on NPR in the Philadelphia area. Listen to it here.