Two New Books in the Works

In the next few months, two new books will be released from my editorial purgatory and see the light of day. In October/November, my Ecclesiastes commentary will be available. This is one of the earlier Old Testament volumes in Eerdman’s Two Horizons series, the focus of which is theological interaction with biblical texts, not the safe, boring, […]

Announcing Eyes to See and Ears to Hear: Essays in Memory of J. Alan Groves

I am very proud to announce the release of Eyes to See and Ears to Hear: Essays in Memory of J. Alan Groves. I, along with my former colleagues Doug Green and Mike Kelly, worked for three years bringing these essays together, and we are thrilled to be able to honor Al’s memory in this […]

The Creator is the Redeemer

This week’s BioLogos post is up. It is a bit of a departure from the typical, but I think helps to round out an important biblical theological theme.

Jesus and the Sea

This week’s BioLogos post is up. Jesus calming the storm and waking on the water reflect the Old Testament theme of Yahweh taming the waters.

Gilgamesh, Atrahasis, and the Flood, Parts 2 and 3

The final two parts (two and three) of my three-part discussion of the biblical flood vis-a-vis Mesopotamian literature is now up on the BioLogos website. Hint, yes I think the Mesopotamian literature is very important for understanding the theology of the biblical story  🙂

Gilgamesh, Atrahasis, and the Flood

Here is this week’s BioLogos post where we look at the similarities between these Mesopotamian and the biblical flood story.

Genesis 2-9 and Atrahasis

Here is this week’s post at BioLogos, this one on the well-known similarities between Israel’s second creation story and the Atrahasis Epic. As we saw with last week’s post on Genesis 1 and Enuma Elish, Genesis 2-9 and Atrahasis breathe the same air. They share ancient Mesopotamian ways of talking about origins. This is a clear indication […]

Genesis 1 and Enuma Elish

Here is this week’s blog post at BioLogos on a perennial topic: the relationship between Genesis 1 and the Babylonian creation myth Enuma Elish. Both stories are distinct yet they clearly breath the same ancient air when it comes to describing origins.

Israel’s Two Creation Stories (Part 3)

Here is the third and final BioLogos post on the differences between the two creation accounts in Genesis 1 and 2 (God’s names, different methods of creating, different views of humanity). The purpose of seeing these differences is not to hold the two stories apart, but to understand why they are placed where they are […]

More on Israel’s Two Creation Stories

Part two of my summary of the differences between the two creation stories in Genesis is posted today on the BioLogos blog. This week I look at the different literary styles and different depictions of God.