Protestants and Biblical Criticism

I am trying to¬†finish¬†up edits on a chapter I am writing for a book tentatively titled, The Bible and the Believer: How to Read the Bible Critically and Religiously, due out next year with Oxford University Press. The idea for the book came out of a symposium I participated in at the University of Pennsylvania […]

The Benefit of Doubt: Coming to Terms with Faith in a Postmodern Era

The following is the text of public lecture I gave at Asuza Pacific University on the evening November 16, 2010. The text (about 5000 words) is more or less as I delivered it, so you will note the oral cadence. I had a great time on campus that day, visiting with faculty, and talking in […]

Audio: The Challenge of Reading the Bible Today

Click on the link below to listen to an audio recording of the 14th annual Silvers Visiting Scholar Program held on October 25, 2010, entitled, “The Challenge of Reading the Bible Today: Can the Bible be read both Critically and Religiously? Jewish, Catholic and Protestant Perspectives,” with Marc Brettler (Brandeis University), Peter Enns (BioLogos Foundation), […]

Can the Bible be Read both Critically and Religiously: A Protestant Perspective

Last night (October 25, 2010), I participated in a panel discussion at the University of Pennsylvania on the challenge of reading the bible critically and religiously from the point of view of three faith traditions: Jewish, Roman Catholic, and Protestant. Marc Brettler of Brandies University gave a Jewish perspective, Dan Harrington of Boston College gave […]

Reminder: Faith and Higher Criticism at Penn, October 25

A reminder for those who might be interested, I am speaking on a panel with Marc Brettler and Dan Harrington on faith and higher criticism from Jewish, Roman Catholic, and Protestant perspectives. Here is the original post, complete with flyer.

The Challenge of Reading the Bible Today

I will be one of three presenters at a symposium titled “The Challenge of Reading the Bible Today: Can the Bible Be Read Both Critically and Religiously?” on October 25 at the University of Pennsylvania. I will be representing a Protestant view, along with two other scholars who will present a Catholic and Jewish perspective. […]

The Bible and Critical Scholarship


Atheists are Believers, Too.

My latest essay is up at the Huffington Post.

Anne Rice “Quits Christianity”

Many are familiar with Anne Rice’s spiritual journey from Roman Catholicism and back again. Just today she announced that she has had it with Christianity and has quit. In her own words, from the Huffington Post article, which pasted her FB status updates: On my Facebook account–where all true theological discourse happens–I posted the link […]

Rachel Evans’s “Evolving in Monkey Town”

Rachel Evans thinks doubt is a part of faith. In fact she thinks doubt can save your faith–provided you have the faith to doubt and the courage to learn from it what God may be showing you. I agree with Rachel, and I wish I could say it as well as she does in her […]