Starting on a New Book

In will soon begin working on my contribution to Zondervan’s latest “Counterpoints” book, this one on inerrancy. The editors are James Merrick and Stephen Garrett. There are four other contributors: John Franke, Kevin Vanhoozer, Michael Bird, and Al Mohler. As many of you know, the Counterpoints series invites authors of different, even diametrically opposing, views to write […]

My Response to Al Mohler and the Age of the Earth

Al Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, has argued recently in a public lecture that it is theologically necessary to say that the earth only appears to be old rather than actually being old. Otherwise, a literal interpretation of the first chapter of Genesis is in jeopardy. He mentioned in his presentation the BioLogos […]

Does God Talk to Us Through Fiction?

I had an article posted today in the Huffington Post in their Religion and Science section. I make the point that conservative Christians and New Atheists share fundamentalist assumptions about the Bible that block their participation in the science/faith discussion. I will now sit back and wait for book and movie deals to come pouring […]

NT Wright interview, 4-20-10

I am interviewing NT Wright in NYC tomorrow on camera for BioLogos. Apparently, you can submit questions through Twitter or the BioLogos Facebook page, and we will see what we can get to.

World News Tonight Piece on Waltke and Evolution Airs

You can access the WNT piece on YouTube. As you can see, I am on camera for about as much time as it takes you to sneeze. Still, I am sitting by the phone patiently waiting for movie offers to come rolling in. All kidding aside (was I kidding?), you can see that the story […]

World News Tonight interview over Waltke’s Resignation

I was interviewed yesterday in my home by ABC’s World News Tonight to discuss Bruce Waltke’s resignation from RTS last week. I had a chance to focus on some of the larger issues involved regarding Evangelicals, science, and faith. About two hours with the ABC crew will likely result in about 7 seconds of air […]

Walton Responds to Poythress at BioLogos

John Walton has written a response to Vern Poythress’s review of The Lost World of Genesis One. There are some important hermeneutical and theological issues involved that should be of interest to many. Check it out.

My Review of Beale’s Erosion of Inerrancy

With my permission as well as that of the Bulletin for Biblical Research, Art Boulet has posted my published response to Greg Beale’s The Erosion of Inerrancy in Evangelicalism.

Guest Post on Science & an Incarnational Approach to the Bible

Starting today Science and the Sacred, the blog of the BioLogos Foundation, is running a series of guest post by me, titled “Science and an Incarnational Approach to the Bible.” Click here to read the first post.

Authors Enter Discussion of I&I and GWHW at Jesus Creed

I wanted to alert my readers that there is an interesting disscussion of my book (Inspiration and Incarnation: Evangelicals and the Problem of the Old Testament) and my friend Kenton Sparks’s book (God’s Word in Human Words: An Evangelical Appropriation of Critical Biblical Scholarship) over on Scot McKnight’s Jesus Creed blog. The discussion has been […]