Gunnar, Viking Theologian of the “Hanging God”

One of my favorite authors is Stephen Lawhead. His novels largely center on medieval themes with a tactful Christian undercurrent. Lawhead weaves together religious and secular themes in a way that forces one to look at the Christian faith outside of familiar language and trappings. His novel Byzantium is set in medieval Ireland and recounts the journeys of a […]

The Benefit of Doubt: Coming to Terms with Faith in a Postmodern Era

The following is the text of public lecture I gave at Asuza Pacific University on the evening November 16, 2010. The text (about 5000 words) is more or less as I delivered it, so you will note the oral cadence. I had a great time on campus that day, visiting with faculty, and talking in […]

In Memory of J. Alan Groves, Three Years Later

Today (February 5) is the third anniversary of Al Groves’s passing. In his memory, I post the letter that he wrote in anticipation of his memorial service (it was included in the bulletin for that service). Thanks to my former colleague Doug Green for passing this on to me. ********** As I have walked through […]

Another Zondervan Video: The Future of Biblical Studies

Here’s another video from my interview with Zondervan Academic:

The Influence of C. S. Lewis on My Life

I recently was interviewed by Zondervan as part of a series called Influential Books and Authors in which they ask a different scholar each week to talk about a book and/or author that has been influential in his or her spiritual and intellectual growth. Here is my interview about my chosen author: C. S. Lewis […]

Harvie Conn and Reformed Theology

As I look back on my student years at Westminster Theological Seminary (1985-89), especially as the years pass, I am beginning to count it more and more of a privilege to have been at Westminster and under Harvie Conn’s influence. Truth be told, I left Westminster for Harvard more or less focused on learning as […]

From Thomas à Kempis

New on my “Odds & Enns” page, some wisdom from Thomas à Kempis.

My Trip to Seoul, Korea (May 5-11, 2008)

I realize I haven’t posted for a while. I’ve been a bit busy. I have a lot of back-logged ideas for posts here, but I just got back from a week long trip to Seoul. Now, my intention remains to keep this website as a place for biblical theological reflections in our contemporary world, and […]

Reflections on Al Groves III

I promised three reflections, one personal, another on Al as a biblical scholar, and now a third on Al as a Biblical Theologian. I am finding that these three categories simply cannot be held apart for long. It was Al the person and biblical scholar that drove him to Biblical Theological reflections and on the […]

Reflections on Al Groves II

A few days ago I offered some personal reflections on Al, and now I’d like to offer some further reflections on the academic side of things. One thing worth mentioning is that it is very artificial for me to separate the two, because so many of our interactions involved some type of academic issue, whether […]