Al Mohler, Adam, Evolution, and NPR (final)

Today, in my final post in this series, we will look at three more problematic assertions in Al Mohler’s NPR interview. You can read the entire post at my Patheos site, Al Mohler, Adam, Evolution, and NPR (final).

Al Mohler, Adam, Evolution, and NPR

In my last three posts (the first is here), we looked at Al Mohler’s understanding of the relationship between science and Christianity. Today, we begin to look at Mohler’s views as expressed on NPR’s “Talk of the Nation” interview that aired on September 22, 2011. To read more, visit my Patheos post Al Mohler, Adam, Evolution, and […]

Al Mohler and the “Apparent Age” of the Cosmos: Two More Problems

In my last post we looked at one problem with Mohler’s theory that the cosmos was created to look billions of years old but is really only about 6000 years old (“apparent age”): It is an arbitrary solution that makes the facts fit the theory. Today we will look at two more problems. Read more on my Patheos […]

Al Mohler and the “Apparent Age” of the Cosmos

Today I look at Al Mohler’s theory that the cosmos only looks billions and billions of years old, but is actually only about 6000 years old. This is Mohler’s answer to how scientific observations can be reconciled to a literalist reading of Genesis. Read more on my Patheos post Al Mohler and the “Apparent Age” […]

Al Mohler on the Bible and Evolution

Rev. Al Mohler holds strong views on the Bible, what it means to read it correctly, and how taking the Bible seriously requires one to reject evolution.  Mohler’s views on science and faith are not only wrong but spiritually harmful because they require Christians to hold views that are intellectually untenable. Read more at my Patheos […]

Moving to Patheos

Hello Folks, You can now access my new website at Patheos. The site will be searchable in a few days. Vistors to this site will also soon be redirected to the new site. For now, though, the only access to Peter Enns at Patheos is here. The current site will remain active as an archive […]

Moving to Patheos

Hello, Folks. Just letting you know that sometime over the next two weeks I will be moving over to Patheos. This site will remain active to archive my old posts, and anyone coming here will be redirected to the new site. Hope to see you there…..

Interview: Ecclesiastes Commentary: Part 3: Be There One More Time

Part three of my interview with Kurt Willems is up today.

How Are Relationships Transformed?

Over at GospelFutures, Neil Williams (author of The Maleness of Jesus: Is it Good news for Women) is three posts into a series that explores how relationships are transformed (the first post is here). Williams is exploring not only the relationships we have with others, but with our environment, and with ourselves. Part of Williams’s angle […]

Interview: Ecclesiastes Commentary: Part 2: Be There Again

Part two of my interview with Kurt Willems is up today.