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Dear Peter

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I went last year to a ‘refresher’ day at Spurgeon’s College in London, where I was trained back in the 1970s, One of the talks was given by Principal [NAME WITHHELD] (whom I remember welcoming to the college when he arrived as a young hopeful), and I found his exposition of the Inspiration of Scripture one of the most helpful things I have ever heard. It was only later in the day that I found he was in effect presenting the heart of your teaching on Inspiration and Incarnation.

So I am writing just to say thank you for having the courage to speak clearly and honestly about this. For me personally you have united faith and intellectual integrity in a way that is immensely helpful. I realise you have paid a price; sadly the evangelical world too often replaces theological dialogue with a kind of emotional blackmail that discourages clear thinking. But I suspect that in a few years time your view will be so widely accepted that the negative reactions you have suffered will seem like a historical curiosity. And many more Christians will understand why thinking people can be committed to the scriptures as the Word of God.

Be encouraged! And once again, thank you for the gift of your scholarship and wisdom.

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