“Your work has greatly strengthened my faith…”


You don’t know me, but I wanted to share a word of support for your recent “controversial” work. I went to Cedarville College and Dallas Theological Seminary, then eventually ended up working at [AN EVANGELCIAL PUBLISHING HOUSE] through which work I met Tremper L. A couple years ago I headed to Jerusalem with wife and kids to study at Hebrew U, having decided to make an attempt at getting a doctorate. I say that to give the background for my experience that every time I had put serious study into the Bible in the original languages I came away having to rethink the simple bibliology I had been taught on so many occasions. This most recent round of studies is no exception. My first thought personally was of Bart Ehrman, who essentially appears to have tossed his faith after the rug was pulled from under an apparently reductionistic bibliology that he held—I thought (1) I need to figure out what I mean by inspired and inerrant, and (2) How can we evangelicals better present this doctrine so we don’t see such losses of faith. I started hunting around, found (among others) your articles and interaction in the reviews for Inspiration and Incarnation on the net and started bouncing some thoughts off of Tremper. The incarnational model you raise is a great help to my thinking. Tremper encouraged me to explore it further. I have a lot of other work to do and I have a lot more thinking to do, so I have no specific comment or contribution now, but I can say that your work has greatly strengthened my faith and my hope to be able to reasonably explain it in light of the issues raised by modern scholarship. I want to encourage you to keep up the discussion because with mediums like the internet, etc. These issues will reach even those Christians who don’t do MAs and PhDs and those who don’t sit in the Bible as Lit class at the State U (like my wife’s uncle who lost his faith there 30 years ago).

All that to say thank you for your courage and passion in raising this issue. May the Lord bless you and keep you.

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