Dr. Peter E. EnnsThe focus of this website is Biblical Theology and Biblical Studies and how these fields interface with contemporary Christian faith. Although I certainly hope that some of what is expressed here will be persuasive to some readers, my intention is not to debate but to continue conversations on matters that I feel are very important.

More specifically, my aim is to edify fellow pilgrims (be they lay readers, students, or fellow academics) on similar journeys, both by challenging and confirming, innovating and perpetuating (i.e., “tearing down and building up,” as Ecclesiastes 3:3 puts it) how we understand the faith that is so dear to us. “Tearing down” is not a call to reject all things past, but an affirmation that theological inquiry is an on-going act of balancing past and present, new and old, in service of God’s pilgrim people. Toward that end, posts will include reflections on items of interest in Biblical Theology and Biblical Studies, book reviews, and other matters deemed relevant.

Dr. Peter Enns